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Who we are & what we do

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What people say about us

"I joined just hoping to meet some women in the defi space and I've gotten so much more. Des femmes is a truly uplifting group of powerful women. Being here has been a great experience to be supported and inspired by some truly amazing women, and to give the same energy back."

-Danielle Leong,
data strategist

"Great convos this morning. I took some solid notes. It helped me to realize I'm sitting on my deck too much and need to start conversations and warm leads on the idea. We have more than enough for conversations with angel investors. So thanks another great Des Femmes event! It's very quickly becoming my fav online community."

-Rebecca Jones,
co-founder of Clutch, a crypto wallet startup

"Des Femmes is a wonderful resource for women at the intersection of tech and finance, the community is incredibly welcoming and offers resources for all levels of involvement."

-Kinjal Shah,
Blockchain Capital investor and co-founder of the Komorebi Collective investment DAO

Our Core Values

1. Community

The Des Femmes community gives members the resources to accomplish the following goals:

🌐 Grow a network of women all kicking ass in their own ways
🎨 Experiment with models that empower independent creators
🗳️ Gather opportunities and resources that enable greater freedom of choice

2. Networks

Since Gen Z and millennial women are looking for diverse opportunities that may not come from a single employer, workers need to craft custom career paths and find mentors through a like-minded community.

Des Femmes networks and programs give women the tools to do both. 👑