2023 Money Mentors

We help build connections between skilled and powerful women.

The following women from the Des Femmes community participated in the  the University of Maryland's Master Money Mentors training program  and are available for free introductory calls for, or paid mentorship experiences related to financial wellness, cypherpunk tools, and achieving personal development goals. Looking for a mentor or coach? Reach out to:

✓ Sterling for her expertise with Americans living abroad who want help budgeting and maximizing all of their currencies


✓ Erin for her expertise in software engineering, data, and early stage startups

 Rei for her expertise in crypto education, community management and mechanism design


 Noelyne for her expertise in bitcoin education and financial wellness from an African perspective

 Ayelen for her expertise in bitcoin education, marketing, and product management for tech companies, as well as personal development goals

 Leigh for her expertise in bitcoin education, creative writing, career planning and financial wellness from a North American perspective